Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Review: Christianity in Crisis

Here is a review for Thomas Nelson Publishing's Christianity in Crisis by Hank Hangegraaff.

Christianity in Crisis? I knew that around the world, including here in the United States, faith is under attack. I knew that the citizens of 'this world' want to fight, demoralize, contradict, and be rid of the Christian influence. Until reading Hank Hangegraaff's Christianity in Crisis, I thought the only internal crisis that faced our churches and faith was the inability to unite rather than divide over small doctrinal issues. Until reading Hangegraaff's book, I thought that the leaders he mentioned (Hagin, Crouch, Hinn, Jakes, etc.) were silly "televangelists" on TBN who didn't have much influence, who were nonsense and were only good at making true Christianity look like Bible thumping maniacs. My eyes were opened to the teachings of these men and women and the things they stand for. Hangegraaff's well documented (nearly every other sentence was cited!) rebuttal of the many teachings of these Word of Faith leaders has opened my eyes and heart to the things I see and hear even in my own christian bookstores, conversations, and church gatherings.

The Word of Faith movement that Hangegraaff is refuting is not clearly separated from many small doctrinal issues that face our churches today. It is a fine line in believing in the healing power of Jesus- and the belief that His healing power should not be mixed with modern day medicine. It is a fine line in believing in God given success and prosperity to further the kingdom of God- and living a wealthy life because it is most like Jesus!

Hangegraaff clearly (in some ways, in abundance) outlines the people involved with this movement and what they believe. I found his cited interpretation of what the creation story would be if the beliefs of the Word of Faith movement were written down most poignant.

While I agree with most of Hangegraaff's findings and rebuttals of this movement/belief system, I found two things to be questionable in his book. The first was his use of citations. While I believe that citing these speaker's works and sermons is most critical in explaining their beliefs, I felt that at some points these words could have been taken out of context from the original work/sermon. I would have to devote much of my free time for months researching each citation. This question led to my concerns over his attack on Joyce Meyer. He used one little quip from one speaking engagement that she did concerning humans and our "little god" status. I believe that Hangegraaff over used this one instance that perhaps may have been more of a rhetorical question or slip of the tongue on Ms. Meyer's part. Without researching her works and listening to her sermons, I felt clumping Ms. Meyer into this movement of Word of Faith was unfair to her and to me as a reader.

Overall, Hangegraaff's book opened my eyes to the crisis looming on the Christian's doorstep. False teachers have been around since the beginning of scripture- we must stand alert and ready to give an answer. We must carefully look at statements and belief systems and hold them against scripture. Hangegraaff uses this final authority well as he refutes the works of this movement. The reading of this book was long for the first half as the cast of characters seemed redundant and overwhelming, but the clearly outline arguments thereafter were well written.

Friday, March 27, 2009

West Michigan Mom's Sale!!

Attention all West Michigan Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, etc.!!! Tomorrow is a huge event at the delta plex. It will be like a Garage sale in heaven. 227 tables of gently used toys, clothing, books, movies and more all geared for kids. Sellers buy a table and sell their stuff- you can even barter a little!

Come check out the West Michigan Mom's Sale tomorrow from 9-1 at the delta plex- bring lots of cash and a friend to help you scout out the bargains!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

That's what I get for having strep...

I guess being sick in bed for nearly three days with strep leads to something- a hacker husband! Haha. What a funny post by my hubby.

Now time to brag on him.

I started with a slight scratch in my throat Sunday night, within three hours it was a bad sore throat. Monday and Tuesday were spent in bed sleeping mostly. And crying. I could barely swallow. I could hardly drink my throat was so painful and so swollen. I tried drinking pumped up water to help get some calories in me- and the syrup thickness made my spit thick enough I was chocking when I swallowed (sorry for the grossness). Finally went to the doctor Wednesday morning. I came out with a shot of antibiotic in the rump, a swig of oral steroid, and an antibiotic regimen that will hopefully kick this sucker down.

During all of this I had the most amazing hubby. He bought me milkshakes when it was the only thing I could swallow other than water, he took care of Izzy, he arranged for her to be taken to fun places and relatives for a good portion of the last few days, he made himself and her dinner. And he worked as much as he could. He ordered me to stay in bed- not that I could have put up much of a fuss. He gave me the bed to myself (more because he didn't want to get it too). Give the guy a gold medal or a bloggy version of a standing ovation will ya!

Now that I'm starting to feel better, I'm hoping I can get life back in order. Laundry is past piled up. Dirty rags in the kitchen are starting to grow parts to walk away, sheets need to be changed, everything needs to be disinfected. But, I will get to it slowly but surely, after I get some much needed snuggling with my Izzy- poor girl is desperate for her momma.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

when my husband gets on my blog...

for those of you following, this is not jen. this is her husband, Paul. I am not a blogger, nor do i frequently read other peoples blog. I occasionally read Jen's blog, and recently saw a post about Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and a certain character named Sully. My repsponse is best summed up in the picture below....

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Tale of Two Duckies...

There are two little yellow men in Isabelle's life. They go by a similar name. May I present to you.

The Duckies.

Now, one is appropriately named Old Ducky. He was acquired at some shower or event early in Isabelle's life and made his way into Izzy's heart and stuffed animal rotation early on. Around age 1-1.5 Old Ducky became numero uno.

The other is named New Ducky. New Ducky was found- much to mommy's glee- at Goodwill. What a wonderful thing to have two identical duckies- you never know what can happen to friends like them.

Last fall, New Ducky went missing. Sometime after Labor Day, he disappeared. We thought maybe he was left at the cottage, but no. Maybe at Grandma and Grandpa Lillie's house- our search came up empty. Finally, this past winter, New Ducky was heroically found by my nephew Riah in a basement cubby at Grandma and Grandpa Spica's house. I'm sure New Ducky is thinking that was the longest 'hide and seek' game ever!

So now, our happy little family is complete. Old Ducky and New Ducky are together again.

This, however, has introduced a new conundrum. Old Ducky is the favored yellow fowl. New Ducky is a nice companion- but just won't do for bedtime rituals. Alas, I thought I would get away with being able to convince my 2.5 year old that what she thought was New was really Old. I have underestimated my toddler- for she somehow can tell the difference between two identical ducks.

Its like a soap opera around here. New Ducky will reluctantly be used in event of Old Duckie's wanderings- but as soon as the Old Pal is found, poor dear New Ducky is thrown (literally) aside as the frantic rubbing of the ribbons on the Old Standby begins.

That is our tale of Two be continued as the drama continues. But let me ask...can you tell a difference?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Forget Prince Charming...

I had Sully. You know him? Be still my heart! Forget waiting and wishing for my prince charming to arrive. When I was a girl- I waited for my Sully. Sully was the handsome guy on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. He was a rescuer. He would drop everything to help someone else. He was selfless. He loved unconditionally. He loved his strong headed woman. I didn't want a castle with a prince. I wanted a rustic cabin with a Sully. A couple weekends ago, Paul was working long, late hours and I despise weekend tv. So, Izzy and I headed off to the library to find some free, fun movies to watch in the evenings. Much to my glee- they had the television series Dr. Quinn on DVD.

I'm hooked.

I now am putting out holds for consecutive seasons.

I'm a blessed girl. I have found my true life Sully. My husband is kind, gentle, and loving. He cares about other people. He is creative. He loves my strong headedness (most of the time!). Yes, I found my Sully.

But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a little reminiscing!

Monday, March 16, 2009


It has been an insane couple of weeks- with very little slow down in sight! My husband decided to have a booth at most of the expos/trade shows downtown this spring. Its great exposure. He did the HBA show a few weeks ago and it went well. Last weekend was the Home and Garden show. This show is ginormous!!! I couldn't believe the amount of people there. He was gone Tuesday night, then Thursday-Sunday from 9 or 10 until 10pm at night. Talk about long days! I was able to go with him on Sunday to keep him company and then help with the booth tear down. Then he hosted a condo summit to discuss condo real estate, financing, and title work with area real estate agents. I knew it was coming- but didn't think much of it. Come the day before and he starts asking about what to serve for lunch.... Ok well there goes my Monday as I frantically run around town picking up supplies, making food, and such. Then, I helped him at the summit. Then, this weekend we did the women's expo/bridal show together. Izzy spent the weekend up north at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was a lot of talking, a lot of work. There was a lot of estrogen flowing in the exhibit hall. But it was pretty fun to be working together.

Well it is now Monday, Izzy is back home, Paul is napping. I'm just pooped. We have a light let up with no shows this weekend, but then we're back at it in a week to get ready for the cottage and lakefront living show. Then, Parade of homes is right around the corner.

I love being at a point in life where I am free to help my hubby with his work- but man am I pooped. Plus, my social life has been like non-existent. Play dates are hard to schedule with so much going on. Oh well. This has brought great exposure, lots of great conversations and even an unexpected purchase agreement. I won't complain.

I must say that of all the fun we had together- nothing beats the people watching at these shows! The best one was a guy walking around wearing a shirt that said, "man bo*bs are se*xy. " Nice dude. Nice.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The time has come...

I usually just shower Isabelle with me rather than doing baths. Its so much easier. Its faster. I'm lazy, I'll admit. But I think the time has come where she and I must now part ways in our bathing.

While scrubbing her down in the shower and Izzy staring at my chest: "watcha got mom? Oh you have two!"

Yikes. Time to bring out the bubble bath and toys.