Thursday, March 27, 2008

Play Dates

May I just get an "Amen" for how wonderful and encouraging a simple play date can be? I love getting out of the house to fellowship with other moms who have either just been through what I've gone through or are in the midst of it themselves.

Izzy and I had the honor of going over to Emily and Cailyn's house this morning. Emily was in my first Women in the Word group (women's bible study at Ada Bible Church). Her daughter Cailyn is 10 days younger than Izzy. The girls "play" well with each other. (By "play" I usually mean stare at each other playing across the room). Izzy has a great time playing with someone else's toys- its all brand new to her!

Meanwhile, Emily and I enjoy wonderful fellowship talking about recipies, husbands, homes, family, and of course our children! She is a wonderful woman of God and I'm so glad we met and are continuing to stay in touch! Now on to the bigger task of getting our husbands to meet and become friends too!! Haha.

I cannot wait for this season of illness to be over so that I can catch up on all of my playdate pals again. It seems as though if it weren't one family or person being sick it would be another. Plus, with my wounded rear end, car rides are near torture for me these days. 10 minutes is about all I can bear! Oh well, this too shall pass.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not the 24 hours I imagined...

Wouldn't you know, that Friday night, just as I was starting to relax and enjoy myself. Just as the speaker was getting started, I came down with the flu. And not just I don't feel so good kind of flu, but the kind where you are really friendly with the bathroom and food is not an option kind of flu. So I ended up back at home, in bed all day Saturday and Sunday. Then, just as I was starting to feel better and get over the dissapointment of missing out on the retreat, I trip in my half awake wooziness and fall down the stairs seriously brusing my butt and ego. What a weekend. I think I just want to crawl back into bed and cry. I don't have an appetite for comfort food right now! What a bummer.

Friday, March 14, 2008

24 hours

Even though my husband is not 100% better and my daughter is less than her usual self, I'm off for 24 hours!!!

-24 Hours of ME time
-24 hours without a little person saying "I wa tat" or "more peeze"
-24 hours without having to read the same elmo and grover book
-24 hours of spiritual enrichment
-24 hours without having to trip over toys
-24 hours without a stressing over problems with hubby's work stuff

I'm off to go to the Women's Retreat with church. I am sooooo excited!!!!!!

I am in desparate need of a break, of time for myself, of time with the Lord. Though I will have...

-24 hours without wet slobbery kisses
-24 hours without cuddle time with books
-24 hours without someone wanting my undivided attention because they love me that much
-24 hours without a hug from my hubby

I think it will be worth it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's in a name?

You may wonder where in the world I came up with the name of my blog "Freaka Deeka Spica".

Well, right after our ultrasound with Izzy and we found out it was a girl, Paul put out a polling paper on his desk at work for name suggestions. We got a wide variety needless to say, as Grubb was a fun, energetic office. Well, after awhile, the suggestions became more of who can come up with the silliest. Anyways, one suggestion of what to name our daughter was "Freaka Deeka Spica". I thought that was hilarious. We obviously did not take this persons suggestion in actually naming our daughter this, but I thought it would be very appropriate as a blog name. So now you know.

I'm off to tend to my sick daughter and sick husband.

Freaka Out

My first attempt at blogging, well, second

I used to have a Xanga site that I started in college or right after we got married, I can't remember. Well, I've come to dislike using that site and have retreated to the lovely dwelling of FACEBOOK. But, I found that facebook is limiting in some aspects as I am eager (in theory anyways) to share the antics of the Freaka Deeka Spica Family and other ponderings of my crazy mind.

So, with that being said, here goes nothing.