Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

What Izzy did while Mommy and Daddy were away- visiting Grandma and Grandpa's new property they are going to build on after all of the trees were cut down.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Paul and I had a wonderful vacation. It was a belated honeymoon if you will. We spent 7 days at the all inclusive resort Catalonia Royal Tulum in the Riviera Maya of Mexico, about an hour south of Cancun.We enjoyed all of the alone time, conversation, reading, relaxing, and caring only for each other. It was kind of crappy weather- rain, clouds, wind. We rarely saw the sun, but we made the best of it.

We also visited the Mayan Ruins in Tulum. It was a great experience. We took public transportation called a collectivo (you basically stand on the side of the highway and wait for one that has room to pick you up. big vans with locals on their way to work and such). The views off the cliffs were incredible. Tulum was a port city built on a cliff by the ocean. It was also interesting to see the similarities between their culture/religion and those of other world cultures/religions. Their temple had a temple within the temple- inner and outer- just like the Jewish temple with the Holy of Holies.

Isabelle did wonderfully at Paul's parent's house. We were thankful they kept her busy for the week!It is nice to be home, and Isabelle is loving her own room and toys, but I do miss my palapa with my virgin Miami Vice.
Tulum Ruins and the Ocean

Paul's antics in the Mayan "porta potty" as he named it

One of the views off tulum

Yet another storm cloud rolling in- but you can see the beautiful stretch of beach. It went an equal distance in the other direction.

Our pool and palapa heaven

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Parade, Grease Stains, and Pina Colada's

How's that for a random title post?

Parade of Homes is over for the fall. Fall parade was much slower than the spring, but we kind of expected that. We still had a little over 200 people through the spec model. Hey- if each person told one person, just think of the word of mouth publicity! Haha. Yesterday I most certaintly did not forget to set my alarm for church, therefore we all slept in past the first service and past the point of being able to get out the door before the second service. I would never do that! Ha! Because that series of unfortunate events, we were blessed with a little extra time to tear down all the decor and furniture in the parade model and move it back to Paul's office/sales model and other furnished condos currently for sale. The tear down went great, Izzy watched Elmo on a 56 inch plasma tv screen while we loaded our pacifica with all the goods. 4 trips later, it was done, or at least half way done.

We took a short break to have lunch with family who just came home from their vacation in Mexico, and then for Izzy to come back and have an afternoon nap. After only an hour, she awoke, much to my dismay, but again, it blessed us with more time to finish setting up the sales model again.

Much to our horror, when we arrived back at the sales model, we realized that a black, greasy substance had been tracked all over the carpet. (alas, it was from the bottom of my shoe, but we still do not know the source!) Enter state of panic and frazzle as we figure out how to solve the grease stain dillema. Mom Spica came to our rescue and took Izzy off our hands as we got on our hands and knees using my Mom's miracle product Greased Lightning. It took the spots right up! (I also use this stuff when normal stain removers don't work and it gets spots right out!). A few hours later, the sales model is furnished and cleaned, and we're off to drop our Pacifica off to the car doctor. Its getting new brakes while we're away.

Now, we hit the waiting game before I get to sip my first Pina colada of my vacation. Bags are packed, house is cleaned, list of things to buy before we leave is made, and we wait! Sometime around noon Paul and I will drop off Izzy (already choking up!) and then make our way to Detroit to fly out really early Wednesday morning. And get this (I do have the greatest husband in the world!), PAUL suggested we stop at the outlet mall in Howell on our way!!!! Whoot!!!! Bargain shopping will help hurry the wait for that first glorious sip of pineapple coconut goodness.

So, if I fail to find internet or find other things to do :) Have a great week, and hopefully I'll be back tanner and not too much heavier than when I left.

Peace out yo!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Toddler Vocabulary

Izzy's vocabulary has really taken off lately. We can have full conversations, she is repeating almost everything, and is even learning songs.

The unfortunate aspect is that she is having the typical toddler trouble with her "r's" So, if you use your imagination, you can kind of see the um, well, not so nice words just typical vocabulary ends up being without an 'r' sound!

shirt= shi*t
and the worst of all...
fork= fu*k

Yes, my daugher the potty mouth! We'll be working on rrrrrrr sounds a lot!!!! I can't have her asking for a "fork" when it comes out like that!!! Yikes!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Busy Two Weeks

Not this is that exciting to any of you out there...

The parade home is staged and ready to open today. I'm glad its almost over with. The place turned out really well. There are some really neat features. Minus the square cabinet knobs. Those are really cool looking, but man are they sharp!!! I have three huge bruises from being punctured as I decorated the kitchen last night. Note to self: Don't have sharp cabinet knobs, danger to self and kiddos.

So as the hubby gets busy with the parade hours, I'm off to the north to spend some time with the parentals and the lil sis. If I don't go now, it would be early november before I see them!

I've got Bible study, Discovery Village, a lot of birthdays and more in the next couple of weeks.

But, the most exciting thing is that two weeks from right now, "I'm leavin' on a Jet plane!!!!" to the warm, sunny, relaxing venue of Mexico!!! Two weeks from now Paul and I are headed on our "honeymoon". We are super excited and can't wait for the next two weeks to fly by.