Wednesday, March 25, 2009

That's what I get for having strep...

I guess being sick in bed for nearly three days with strep leads to something- a hacker husband! Haha. What a funny post by my hubby.

Now time to brag on him.

I started with a slight scratch in my throat Sunday night, within three hours it was a bad sore throat. Monday and Tuesday were spent in bed sleeping mostly. And crying. I could barely swallow. I could hardly drink my throat was so painful and so swollen. I tried drinking pumped up water to help get some calories in me- and the syrup thickness made my spit thick enough I was chocking when I swallowed (sorry for the grossness). Finally went to the doctor Wednesday morning. I came out with a shot of antibiotic in the rump, a swig of oral steroid, and an antibiotic regimen that will hopefully kick this sucker down.

During all of this I had the most amazing hubby. He bought me milkshakes when it was the only thing I could swallow other than water, he took care of Izzy, he arranged for her to be taken to fun places and relatives for a good portion of the last few days, he made himself and her dinner. And he worked as much as he could. He ordered me to stay in bed- not that I could have put up much of a fuss. He gave me the bed to myself (more because he didn't want to get it too). Give the guy a gold medal or a bloggy version of a standing ovation will ya!

Now that I'm starting to feel better, I'm hoping I can get life back in order. Laundry is past piled up. Dirty rags in the kitchen are starting to grow parts to walk away, sheets need to be changed, everything needs to be disinfected. But, I will get to it slowly but surely, after I get some much needed snuggling with my Izzy- poor girl is desperate for her momma.

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