Monday, March 16, 2009


It has been an insane couple of weeks- with very little slow down in sight! My husband decided to have a booth at most of the expos/trade shows downtown this spring. Its great exposure. He did the HBA show a few weeks ago and it went well. Last weekend was the Home and Garden show. This show is ginormous!!! I couldn't believe the amount of people there. He was gone Tuesday night, then Thursday-Sunday from 9 or 10 until 10pm at night. Talk about long days! I was able to go with him on Sunday to keep him company and then help with the booth tear down. Then he hosted a condo summit to discuss condo real estate, financing, and title work with area real estate agents. I knew it was coming- but didn't think much of it. Come the day before and he starts asking about what to serve for lunch.... Ok well there goes my Monday as I frantically run around town picking up supplies, making food, and such. Then, I helped him at the summit. Then, this weekend we did the women's expo/bridal show together. Izzy spent the weekend up north at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was a lot of talking, a lot of work. There was a lot of estrogen flowing in the exhibit hall. But it was pretty fun to be working together.

Well it is now Monday, Izzy is back home, Paul is napping. I'm just pooped. We have a light let up with no shows this weekend, but then we're back at it in a week to get ready for the cottage and lakefront living show. Then, Parade of homes is right around the corner.

I love being at a point in life where I am free to help my hubby with his work- but man am I pooped. Plus, my social life has been like non-existent. Play dates are hard to schedule with so much going on. Oh well. This has brought great exposure, lots of great conversations and even an unexpected purchase agreement. I won't complain.

I must say that of all the fun we had together- nothing beats the people watching at these shows! The best one was a guy walking around wearing a shirt that said, "man bo*bs are se*xy. " Nice dude. Nice.

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Kelly said...

My brother is going to be @ this show too :) the cottage show that is. He owns a company called VSA tech, sells odds & ends I get to work with him Friday & Saturday, I'm pretty excited :)