Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hidden Among the Common

While we were at playworld today, I happened to snap a couple shots of the balls in the ball pit. I like taking pictures of things like that for use in backgrounds and such. Well, this happen to catch my eye.

I thought of two things:

  1. Why does it sometimes feel like you are the only "odd" one in a world of normal people? Why am I the one that doesn't quite fit in? Why am I so different?

  2. Then I thought, I'm different because I'm a treasure hidden among the common. Sure, I may not be the perfect shape, have the perfect job, be the perfect parent, have the perfect life; but I am a unique gem set aside by God to do His work here on Earth. I'm his perfect treasure that He Himself created. I shouldn't always just blend in and be "one of the normal people." I need to stand out and be the woman God created me to be. (Even if that isn't the size 8 I dream of!)

So here's to the funky blue ball amongst the seemingly perfect ones. He has something special to offer- you have my word on that!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Museum Fun

I'm so glad I live in an area that has a great (and cheap) children's museum- what a treasure we have. Izzy is starting to enjoy it more each time we visit. Today we traveled there with my niece's preschool class. As you can see, we had fun!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Praise the Lord

Quick background- My mom comes from a very broken family (abandonment, divorces, drugs, etc.) It has been our family's mission to shine light and love on her family whenever we get together (she has 7 brothers and sisters of which she is the youngest). Her second youngest brother has been like a dad to my mom since her dad left when she was 11. Steve cared for her, walked her down the wedding aisle and so on.

Steve was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in December. It was found this week that the cancer has spread to his brain.

My mom and dad went down for a visit- hoping for a chance to talk to my uncle about salvation. Well, my Uncle Steve was ripe and ready because he brought the subject up! He said, "I have been struggling for years with this guilt of all the bad things I've done. I know I'm missing something and I think you have the answer for me!" Sure enough- my dad laid out forgivness and love of our Heavenly Father who gave us His Son for us- and my Uncle Steve accepted the Lord right then in there!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!

Afterwards he said, "Is this what peace feels like- knowing its going to be ok even with a grim future?" Yes, dear Uncle Steve, that is Peace!!!!

So at the ripe age of 60, my Uncle Steve looks forward to an eternity in Heaven. May his example shed on his wife and 16 year old son. I cannot tell you how huge this is for this family...I've had tears and goosebumps all day!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Birthday, Grumpies, and Bubbles

Spring has finally made its appearance- though snow may be in the forecast for Sunday...we'll see what happens. We were able to enjoy the outdoors without bundling up or fear of being washed away. Izzy thoroughly enjoyed the ability to play with bubbles by herself and ride her train outside.

I celebrated my 25th birthday this week. Whohoo! I finally at least feel like an adult- though people still confuse me for a teen sometimes. Oh well, maybe the young genes will help me later in life. I had ok birthday. I spent the day at my parent's house up in Pentwater. Izzy was a major grump (she is cutting 4 canine teeth, I'd be grumpy too). She was such a mess that no one could enjoy her, and then I ended up being so tired and stressed that no one could enjoy me either- or vice a versa. Oh well, my mommy made me my favorite dessert- Boston Cream Pie!!! I got some nice gifts too. A new robe ($80 on clearance for $8- yeah for yellow dot sales!), travel coffee mug, and frames from hubby. Gift cards, Jelly Bellys, and Happy by Clinique from Paul's side of the family. Jewelry, a shirt, tupperware, and Dove Dark Chocolate!!!!! I'm hoping Paul and I will get out to celebrate on our own sometime soon- but with Izzy being such a pain, I wouldn't wish her presence on anyone! I keep telling her I'm going to ship her off to Timbuktu- oh well. I'll enjoy these precious moments when she actually wants me around all the time because in a few short years I'm sure it will all change!