Sunday, August 30, 2015

Book Review: For the Love

Authenticity.  It is something so appreciated yet so rare in today's culture.  People who are willing to be real, speak truth, and aren't beholden to the affects of what others might say.  Jen Hatmaker, well known for her viral blog posts (Her worst back to school mom is my favorite) and other books,  brings humor and scriptural truth to bring home points on love, marriage, motherhood, fashion, culture, and the church at large.  Her latest book For the Love is a series of shorter "essays" (chapters) put together that focus on pouring out Grace unto others and letting ourselves go of the ridiculous standards and competitive nature society has placed on us.  From encouragement (and almost permission) to be a "good enough" mom, wise scheduler, and avoider of pinterest perfect lives, to an entire chapter devoted to fashion tips like 'tights are not pants' (preach it sister!), to a lament and challenge for mission work in the church, to the importance of organic relationships and church experiences- Hatmaker brings scripture, personal experience, and witty humor to encourage and uplift the reader while at the same time challenging their comfort zone.  I appreciated her honesty, her hilarious one liners, and call to authentic relationships with God and with others.  This book is geared for an audience of mothers, however there are chapters that I believe anyone at any stage of life can be challenged by (The chapter on calling and purpose was particularly awesome).  My only complaint is that each chapter left me longing for a bit more.  For the Love is a fast and easy read while at the same time providing plenty of powerful moments to ponder.  I highly recommend Hatmaker's newest!  (and I bet you'll walk away wanting to be Hatmaker's BFF or at least want an invitation to supper club!)

*I was given a copy of the book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.