Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Book Review: Giving it All Away...

I don't think when David Green set out to provide a great service through arts and craft and home decor stores, he would have pictured himself not only at the center of a major supreme court case nor in the position of writing books and public speaking.  His story is an example of how God uses the unsuspecting, unexpected but faithful followers for HIS glory.

The founder of Hobby Lobby, Green and his family sued the United States for freedom to provide healthcare compensation that did not go against their own beliefs.  As a private entity, the Court agreed.  Facing $1.3 million dollar fines per day, the Green family had three choices: comply, pay the fines (which would bankrupt the company), or stand for what they believed was right and fight for their company, employees, and personal beliefs.

While many are enamored with the Green and this public case, what many fail to see is the behind the scenes, faithful, generous, and family centered way that Hobby Lobby is run and the way the Green family operates.  In his latest book, Giving it All Away...and Getting it All Back Again, David Green sheds a porthole light into the decision making process not only in the legacy of Hobby Lobby, but also in the personal aspects of their family.  Legacy, he says, is not the mere financial value passed on to the next generation- it encompasses faith, values, systems, traditions, and more.  A desire to not cripple his G2s, G3s, and beyond with power or temptation of incredible wealth, instead the Greens have set up facets of amazing generosity.  From personal giving, corporate giving/sponsorship, to the way the employees are compensated, the entire entity breeds off of unparalleled integrity and faithful, unassuming, and intentional generosity.

Giving it All Away highlights a few of the key moments in the Green family and Hobby Lobby histories that influenced how they came to defining moments of decisions that have led them on the path of incredible earthly success and yet focus on the eternal ramifications.  It is a quick read, but with the option of powerful, discussion inducing questions located in the back of the book.

This book is encouraging, empowering, and challenge inducing.  I was encouraged that the corporate world does not all have to be about the corner office and scheming profits.  There are still people who value people (it sounds ironic, but yet truthful).  It felt empowering to make intentional decisions for our own family to encourage a legacy that goes beyond what our wills and trusts outline.  What legacy are we leaving our children and grandchildren to inherit?  Our work ethic, decision making, values, and more.  How do we live intentionally day after day to have the highest probability of 'success' that honors God.  I feel challenge to redefine what our life of generosity looks like and how we can truly give more- with our minds set on eternity- not this temporal, broken life now.

Whether you have $10 or $10 million dollars to your name- I highly recommend this great read.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.