Friday, March 20, 2009

A Tale of Two Duckies...

There are two little yellow men in Isabelle's life. They go by a similar name. May I present to you.

The Duckies.

Now, one is appropriately named Old Ducky. He was acquired at some shower or event early in Isabelle's life and made his way into Izzy's heart and stuffed animal rotation early on. Around age 1-1.5 Old Ducky became numero uno.

The other is named New Ducky. New Ducky was found- much to mommy's glee- at Goodwill. What a wonderful thing to have two identical duckies- you never know what can happen to friends like them.

Last fall, New Ducky went missing. Sometime after Labor Day, he disappeared. We thought maybe he was left at the cottage, but no. Maybe at Grandma and Grandpa Lillie's house- our search came up empty. Finally, this past winter, New Ducky was heroically found by my nephew Riah in a basement cubby at Grandma and Grandpa Spica's house. I'm sure New Ducky is thinking that was the longest 'hide and seek' game ever!

So now, our happy little family is complete. Old Ducky and New Ducky are together again.

This, however, has introduced a new conundrum. Old Ducky is the favored yellow fowl. New Ducky is a nice companion- but just won't do for bedtime rituals. Alas, I thought I would get away with being able to convince my 2.5 year old that what she thought was New was really Old. I have underestimated my toddler- for she somehow can tell the difference between two identical ducks.

Its like a soap opera around here. New Ducky will reluctantly be used in event of Old Duckie's wanderings- but as soon as the Old Pal is found, poor dear New Ducky is thrown (literally) aside as the frantic rubbing of the ribbons on the Old Standby begins.

That is our tale of Two be continued as the drama continues. But let me ask...can you tell a difference?


Sarah said...

yes, i can tell a difference. One has a longer nose and what appears to be no hair on top.
Can't wait for new, and old, duck tales...

Beck said...

Yup sorry thier noses are different. and the one has "fingers" it looks like. So funny. She'll be fine I'm sure she won't go to Kindergarten carring Ducks in. :) Can't wait to hear stories about them I'm sure she does great entertaining things with them!