Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Forget Prince Charming...

I had Sully. You know him? Be still my heart! Forget waiting and wishing for my prince charming to arrive. When I was a girl- I waited for my Sully. Sully was the handsome guy on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. He was a rescuer. He would drop everything to help someone else. He was selfless. He loved unconditionally. He loved his strong headed woman. I didn't want a castle with a prince. I wanted a rustic cabin with a Sully. A couple weekends ago, Paul was working long, late hours and I despise weekend tv. So, Izzy and I headed off to the library to find some free, fun movies to watch in the evenings. Much to my glee- they had the television series Dr. Quinn on DVD.

I'm hooked.

I now am putting out holds for consecutive seasons.

I'm a blessed girl. I have found my true life Sully. My husband is kind, gentle, and loving. He cares about other people. He is creative. He loves my strong headedness (most of the time!). Yes, I found my Sully.

But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a little reminiscing!

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