Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Baby Mum Mum's

This Thursday I am sharing my love for my new favorite baby teething cookie. There is a certain brand that has the popular teething biscuit to date but it is a mess. Like bath worthy mess after every use. Not what I call a nice little snack while mommy gets dinner ready for hungry munchkins. I've tried an organic kind that was a little less messy (not much) and didn't fall apart as easily.

Along came an accidental gold mine find. I originally stumbled on these at Walmart- but there are a few other retailers that have them (though not many! get with the program Meijer/Target!) They are Baby Mum-Mum rice husks for teething babies.

What do I like?
  • Limited mess. These don't make nearly the mess the other competitors do. No pasty bath worthy mess. Its wonderful. A little sticky, but so much more manageable!

  • 3 flavors- Rice, vegetable, and carrot. Recently they've added organic and organic banana as well!

  • Individually packaged. No more stale biscuits! Also easy for on the go. Come in individual packages of 2 husks, 12 packages in a box.

  • Price was great! It was basically the same as the other biscuits out there, maybe even a little cheaper!

What others might like (this is cool, but wasn't a deciding factor for me)

  • Gluten, nut, and egg free

  • Cholesterol free

  • No artificial colors or flavors

  • No preservatives

The great (and hilarious) gal over at The Diaper Diaries is giving away coupons for ice cream. I don't turn down the chance for cheap/free ice cream indulgence...especially when it comes to Breyer's. So head on over there and see what she has going on and maybe you can win too!