Monday, July 11, 2011

Book Review: It's Not About Me

As a member of book sneeze for Thomas Nelson Publisher's I have the opportunity to review books on my blog.  In return, I'm given the book as a thank you gift.  Most recently, I finished reading Max Lucado's latest book It's Not About Me.

Selfishness has infiltrated our society in so many ways.  Not only in the business and educational realms- but in our parenting, stewardship, relationships, goals, and even worship.  Lucado's book sheds light on why this is such a sad way to live in light of who God is and what He has done for us.  Focusing on worship, the characteristics of God, and then the issues that are most often attributed to self are given with the perspective of God's love and we are his mirrors.

The idea of a mirror not only reflecting but also beholding.  With every aspect of our life- including struggles, salvation, and worship- we should not only reflect God's love and promises to others, but also use the opportunity to take the lens off our self and soak in and behold God's glory in the situation.

Whether it is a 'success' or 'failure', God's glory is shone.  It is about Him after all.  Our worries are so small, and finite compared the plans He has.  It is not about us. 

This book makes an excellent, easy beach read that will allow more spiritual transformation than say a fiction novel, but reads easier than most development books.  I believe that this would also make a great short term bible study.  It comes with group questions in the back- but also lends itself well to further exploration- looking up specific verses and stories he mentions will lead to further discussion on this great topic.

We can all use that swift, but gentle swat to remind us of our true place in this world and I believe Lucado's book does an excellent job of that.