Monday, October 6, 2008

Toddler Vocabulary

Izzy's vocabulary has really taken off lately. We can have full conversations, she is repeating almost everything, and is even learning songs.

The unfortunate aspect is that she is having the typical toddler trouble with her "r's" So, if you use your imagination, you can kind of see the um, well, not so nice words just typical vocabulary ends up being without an 'r' sound!

shirt= shi*t
and the worst of all...
fork= fu*k

Yes, my daugher the potty mouth! We'll be working on rrrrrrr sounds a lot!!!! I can't have her asking for a "fork" when it comes out like that!!! Yikes!


Debbie said...

Thanks for the laugh today! I needed that! So far Jacob only says "yeah", "na-na" (banana), "mama", "dada", and "a-men". The last one is said loudly during and after every prayer and after songs in church. It was his first consistent word.

Beck said...

lol your to funny! As long as you don't freak out when she says it she won't know. Just keep working! Kinda cute I think :) At least she isn't saying it when she is mad or anything! Ha.
Thanks for all the advice, I really really appreciate it! I'll take all I can get! Hopefully I start feeling better other wise I am going to make my Dr give me some magic pill to make me feel better :) At least I know the Baby is growing and hopefully healthy!