Thursday, March 27, 2008

Play Dates

May I just get an "Amen" for how wonderful and encouraging a simple play date can be? I love getting out of the house to fellowship with other moms who have either just been through what I've gone through or are in the midst of it themselves.

Izzy and I had the honor of going over to Emily and Cailyn's house this morning. Emily was in my first Women in the Word group (women's bible study at Ada Bible Church). Her daughter Cailyn is 10 days younger than Izzy. The girls "play" well with each other. (By "play" I usually mean stare at each other playing across the room). Izzy has a great time playing with someone else's toys- its all brand new to her!

Meanwhile, Emily and I enjoy wonderful fellowship talking about recipies, husbands, homes, family, and of course our children! She is a wonderful woman of God and I'm so glad we met and are continuing to stay in touch! Now on to the bigger task of getting our husbands to meet and become friends too!! Haha.

I cannot wait for this season of illness to be over so that I can catch up on all of my playdate pals again. It seems as though if it weren't one family or person being sick it would be another. Plus, with my wounded rear end, car rides are near torture for me these days. 10 minutes is about all I can bear! Oh well, this too shall pass.

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Short Stop said...

Hey, Jen!

Yes, hanging out with other Mommies can be SO encouraging.

We are SO ready for this sick season to be over. Can't wait for warm weather and park time.

I'm sad I missed study yesterday. I'll look forward to being there next week! :)