Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's in a name?

You may wonder where in the world I came up with the name of my blog "Freaka Deeka Spica".

Well, right after our ultrasound with Izzy and we found out it was a girl, Paul put out a polling paper on his desk at work for name suggestions. We got a wide variety needless to say, as Grubb was a fun, energetic office. Well, after awhile, the suggestions became more of who can come up with the silliest. Anyways, one suggestion of what to name our daughter was "Freaka Deeka Spica". I thought that was hilarious. We obviously did not take this persons suggestion in actually naming our daughter this, but I thought it would be very appropriate as a blog name. So now you know.

I'm off to tend to my sick daughter and sick husband.

Freaka Out

1 comment:

Nikki P. said...

Great Job, Jen! Welcome to blogspot.....

I'm sorry that your house has found the flu bug, too.... it's no fun! Yes, please give me a call when you guys get healthy (hopefully we'll be healthy by then, too!!).

Talk to you soon!