Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Review: Gabby God's Little Angel

Thomas Nelson Publishers via Book Sneeze provides bloggers with books to read in exchange for unbiased reviews.  I am happy to present my review of Gabby God's Little Angel by Sheila Walsh.

With pony's, pretty girls in frilly dresses, angels, rainbows- this story is sure to grab the attention of any girl in your family.  Sophie is an adventurous little girl who has a precocious little angel named Gabby put in charge of her protection.  Gabby learns her responsibilities as on of God's Angels and helps to protect Sophie from falling off a horse.  At the same time Sophie learns of God's great love for her and how he has sent angels to protect her from the incident.

As with her other products, Walsh does an excellent job presenting her work with things that naturally attract little girls.  The illustrations by Marina Fedotova are wonderful and engaging.  I appreciated the voice and tone of the book.  Compared to Walsh's God's Little Princess series, the characters were more appropriate (I find the little girl in that series to be a rude brat at times and don't like my daughters picking up on that tone and language).

I think the presentation of the fluffy white cloud heaven with wings and halos is a little ridiculous.  I want to present a more realistic view of heaven- which I don't think scripturally is fluffy white cloud place.  I found at times the wording of the book to not roll of the tongue well- the same was true when my husband read it aloud to my girls.  There was a lack of rhythm that made this difficult to read whether silent or aloud.  It seemed as though the book was rushed through editing and publishing- more like a rough draft in its overall read. 

Overall this was a cute little story with a cute little message.  It is a simple way to not only introduce the idea of angels and how they guard and protect us, but also that God cares about even the little things like riding a horse.  Adorable and lovable characters with tremendous illustrations help this story along despite some of the downsides.

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