Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Review: Thunder Dog

I love a good biography.  Inspirational stories of men and women brought the brink, tested to the limits, or just living life as best as they can.  Probably one reason I like to 'stalk' blogs :)  Real life is so full of drama, intrigue, and resolve.  With my love of biography's and my interest in understanding more of what happened on 9/11 is what drew me to Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson and Susy Flory.  I almost feel fortunate to be able to share 'where I was' on that fateful day.  I see my nieces, nephews, and own children who simply have no idea of what happened.  I was a new college freshman, living three hours from home, trying to settle into a new independent normal.  I was in class that Tuesday morning when it began, and watched teary eyed in my dorm- desperate to just want to be home again.  The story of Thunder Dog is not just a survival story, it isn't just about what happened- but a story of teamwork, love, and discipline.  As stated early in the book it isn't about how Michael survived with his guide dog Roselle from the Twin Towers, but how he even got there in the first place.   His parents helped him chose a life of independence, freedom, and experiences.  Michael was not held back by what most would consider a hindering disability- complete blindness.  In Thunder Dog the story of what unfolded for Michael and Roselle on 9/11/01 is intertwined beautifully with stories of his past, stories of how got where he was, and how life experiences all helped him keep going in his descent from the 78th floor of the north tower.  His story is beautifully told in a humble and respective manner.  You are gripped by the scenes that unfold through this blind man's eyes and his dog's faithfulness.  While the connections to life, God, relationships, character are all available, I found it disappointing that faith in God was not more apparent in this book, considering Thomas Nelson is publishing.  I felt as though it was cookie cutter 'spirituality' that was offered (sparingly) with no real connection to a relationship with Jesus Christ and His faithfulness.  Michael Hingson has a wonderful story to share and does so exceedingly well with Susy Flory's help- but don't expect to be offered a direct spiritual element in the process.

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