Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Review: The Love & Respect Experience

I am a huge fan of Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.  It has been a great tool to enhance and improve my marriage.  It shed light on areas of communication and actions that I hadn't thought of before.  That is why I chose to receive the latest installment of the Love & Respect products from Book Sneeze and Thomas Nelson:  The Love & Respect Experience:  A husband friendly devotional that wives truly love.  I was given this book in return for a review, without pretense.

I was quite disappointed as I worked through the first few 'lessons' in the Love & Respect Experience.  I was hoping for a great in-depth BIBLE study on relationships, love, respect, holy matrimony, etc.  Much to my dismay this source falls into the category of 'thought for the day'.  Each chapter (there are 52 intended to be once a week) is maybe 1-2 pages with only 1 verse as its base.  The verse seems to be more of an 'add on' to make it qualify as a devotional.  The verse is followed by thoughts from Eggerichs(which I found essentially to be 52 concise portions of the book Love & Respect.  These thoughts were followed by a suggested prayer and an action point.  I felt let down for the lack of scripture in the devotional.  I felt as though I was reading just another version of his book (which I do love). 

The saving grace are the discussion questions that are tucked back annoyingly in the back of the devotional as some sort of appendix.  Why not include the questions right in the weekly study?  It encourages discussion rather than make it more difficult!  If you have a short attention span or limited time- this devotional will work quite well as the 'lessons' are no more than a few minutes long.  I could see it working as a couple shared a cup of coffee in the morning.

If someone is interested in Dr. Emerson's works I would point to the original hit- Love & Respect and not this devotional.  It is simply not deep enough, challenging enough, or scriptural enough to be worth the extra dime and time.

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