Friday, August 21, 2009

Best Week Ever! (Almost!)

I have had just simply a wonderful week. Some may call it the best week ever! (Well almost!)

  • I had my 20 week ultrasound. Those are so much fun! There is nothing like seeing your baby in action!
  • We found out we're having another baby girl! I'm so excited to able to call my kids "my girlies!". There is nothing like having a sister. Izzy is so thrilled.
  • My mom and dad wanted some Izzy time- so they took her for almost the whole week. From Monday afternoon-Friday afternoon. While I missed my girl tremendously- it was wonderful to get some things done and rest without having a busy three year old around. Between being pregnant and Izzy giving up naps- my ability to keep up house and run errands have been diminished quite a bit.
  • No Izzy=a working vacation for the hubby and I :) 'nough said.
  • I have been asked to cowrite and publish a children's curriculum that teaches stewardship. After seeing a curriculum I've been working on the past two years, I was contacted by International Steward who has been asked by Book of Hope to come up with a children's curriculum. I am so excited about the process and working with two other lovely ladies.
  • Discovery Village (the children's ministry at Ada Bible Church) is starting up again! I love serving there and working with other adults with the same mission and heart for children. I'm also thrilled that Discovery Village will be putting an emphasis on stewardship in their classrooms. They will be taking an offering and talking about stewardship of money, time, and things. Whohoo!!!
  • My house is clean (for now).
  • Baby clothes have already been sorted.
  • Paul has two people interested in the same condo unit that hasn't even been built yet!

It has been (almost) the best week ever!

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