Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a...

Our baby girl is perfect and healthy. In celebration of being 20 weeks (thats halfway!)- here she is: her first photos, sorry if they are blurry or confusing, but its the way it is!
Here she is sucking her thumb. This one is my favorite. Its a profile shot- she's on her back looking at the 'sky' and you are looking at her from the side.
The "money shot"

Her first footprint.

Another cute profile picture- see labels if that helps. She's on her back again looking up and you are looking at her from the side.

Overall the ultrasound went wonderfully. Everything looks perfect and right on time for a late December or Early January delivery. I'll be working on a date with the doctor probably at my next appointment.
Isabelle of course is thrilled beyond belief that she is getting a little sister. She proudly pats my tummy and cuddles up and announces to everyone that she has a baby sister in my tummy. Its so cute! I hope they have a great relationship.
Now if we can only decide on a name...any suggestions?

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Beck said...

NOT that we are planning on any more children period (haha you know where I'm coming from)......but IF we did have another child and IF it happened to be a girl I LOVE Gabriella. I think Gabi is delicious! Steve hates it buy I love it! If you steal it I'll still love you and you'd be the one person I would share it with :)