Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Not that I was thinking anything different, but I'm officially carrying our second bundle of joy! My due date was confirmed to be January 10, 2010 at the doctor's office this morning. Most likely, I will have a planned c-section earlier than that (It doesn't appear as though I will be a good VBAC candidate).

I had such a great appointment with the nurse. She was reassuring and encouraging. I had some pretty awful experiences with a previous doctor's office and was treated rather poorly. She was shocked at my experience, but not surprised as that office has that kind of history.

I feel much better about the communication and treatment I will receive during this pregnancy. They treat the whole person, not just the belly. They do emotional and stress surveys periodically to jump on any early signs of PPD. I'm just so happy! I will also be sent right to a cardiologist if I have any of the heart problems that I had with Isabelle's pregnancy. My other office refused to refer me, despite my discomfort and pleadings. But, we are praying that this pregnancy will go smoothly without any of those issues.

I'm already feeling so different than I did with Isabelle (so people are saying it must be a boy!). -I have only thrown up once vs. throwing up morning and night for 18 weeks with Izzy.
-I have had no aversions vs. I could not eat anything with red sauce or cereal with milk.
-I am more tired than anything
-This was planned so I'm more happy vs. unplanned pregnancy=a lot of tears with Izzy

We'll see what happens, but other than being tired and a belly seemingly to already be poking through my shirts- I'm feeling great. I love not being so sick! I will not complain of a little nauseousness- at least too much.

I'm just glad its official now. I have my first appointment with my fantastic doctor July 2nd where we will get to hear the heartbeat- ahhh!!! I can't wait!

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