Friday, December 19, 2008

Trip Report #5- Sponsor Children

While the children's home is supported through private donations from different people and organizations, the children in the home are sponsored through Hope for Children of World Vision. This takes a huge load off of David's shoulders and a church in the area that used to do it all. ABout 80% of the 366 children are sponsored.

We have two sponsor children.

Robin is 12 years old. He is very very shy. I totally scared him the first day when I went crying to him giving him a big hug- poor kid. He warmed up to us eventually. Paul enjoyed playing badmitton and frisbee with him. He is 12 years old (or there abouts, sometimes these kids come in and they don't know their birthday, so the staff just has to guess!)

Moni (short for Disamoni) is 5 years old and a little angel. She has very short hair like most of the young ones. They shave the children's heads for two reasons: One to help prevent lice outbreaks that new kids might bring in, and Two, thick long hair is considered the most beautiful and prized, so the cultural tradition is to shave the heads of young girls (when they are like 3 or 4) to help the hair grow in nice and thick! Moni spoke very little english. But she followed me around a lot and just held my hand. She danced for me too. It was funny, the girls knew I loved taking pictures of Moni, and so whenever they wanted their picture taken, they would snatch moni and pose with her! Here is Moni with the monkey that Izzy picked out for her.

We were able to bring both of our children gifts and just love on them the best we could. It was a special time for them and for us!

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