Monday, December 22, 2008

A Picture Tour

For my last post on Bangladesh, I thought I would just do a quick picture tour of some of the things around the children's home and inside it.
A classroom (60 kids-1 teacher)
Rice Paddies just outside the wall

Funny sign once you've experienced the "roads" here

Fruit Stand in Shavar

Our nice room at the children's home. They have a floor on one of the buildings that has guest rooms and an apartment area for the founder/manager David.

Kitchen in the girls dorm. She is peeling potatoes. They have tried "western" peelers, but can't get the hang of them.

View from top of girls dorm (5 floors up) School is on the right. City of Shavar in the distance.


Boys play area looking towards the school

Dorm room- packed wall to wall with bunks. Each child gets a cubby to hold all of their personal possessions.

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