Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A brief break from my trip reports....

I am a storyteller at my church for K-3. It is a blast. I love serving in an area where I am using God's gifts and leave so energized! Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of being in your zone of ministry.

Anyways, our church uses a curriculum that focuses on Biblical virtues. We study a new one each month. This month we have been studying Generosity. Well, one week as part of my story I pretended I was packing up all of my old stuff into boxes to make room for all of the new stuff I would be getting for christmas. I didn't want to give anything away, even though I didn't need it or use it anymore. Well, one of the things in my box of stuff was an old stuffed animal from my childhood. Later on in the lesson I realize I need to be generous becuase giving something away can make someone's day and that God calls us to be generous and willing to share!

Well, this past week I come into my classroom I'll admit a little bummed to be there. I was tired. It was cold and snowy. Really the only thing getting my rear through the door was knowing I was going to be presenting the gospel message- and I didn't want Satan to win the battle of my attitude!

Well, what would God bring into my evening but a beautiful girl and a purple gift bag. This little second grader came up to me with a present I thought for Christmas- but it was even better! I open it up to find this:

It was her "pokey little puppy" she got in Florida a few years back. She wanted me to have it. I got chills and nearly cried. This little second grader was getting it in ways I never expected. She had learned to be generous with her things. This little puppy is going to be sitting around my home near my curriculum. Whenever I feel frustrated that the kids were wild and not paying any attention, or I just can't seem to get motivated to learn my lines- I will look at this little puppy and remember that they are getting it! God's message is getting through!

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