Friday, November 7, 2008


On Tuesday, I was shocked and disheartened by the fact that both of the proposals in the state of Michigan passed- with flying colors no less.

Proposal 1 legalizes the use of medical marijuana. Not only that- but it also allows for people to GROW THEIR OWN!!!! Hello People! You are opening up a door so wide that anyone is going to prance right through it. If people can make fake ids and passports and who knows what else, certainly they will find a way to abuse this system. I know there are people out there who are suffering with chronic and terminal illnesses, but I believe that with a little research, there would be a way to make at least a pot pill or something like that. Its one thing to help someone in their suffering by having them take this illegal street drug, but to allow them to grow their own and smoke it with their families and children around is just wrong. Our state has literally just gone to pot!

Proposal 2 makes me cry. After seeing all of the "2 goes 2 far" signs I thought for sure it wouldn't pass. What frustrates me is that people though this was a stem cell issue, where in actuality it was a financial issue. Stem cell research is already legal in Michigan. Proposal 2 will now raise our taxes to raise money for research on EMBRYONIC Stem cells ONLY. They are closing the door on other ways of getting stem cells. They are going to raise our taxes for this. They are also in affect going to create a money for embryo's market. I believe this will eventually lead to women having abortions and being paid to do so. Researchers are desperate for babies in embryo form so they can do more research. This research is going to kill thousands of potential lives. I believe life begins at conception/fertilization. Therefore, every embryo that is being used for research is a life that is being taken away. Also, this proposal does not limit the use of embryos for cloning. 2 does go 2 far and I'm so saddened that Michigan has adopted this proposal. Now, just to be clear- The actual ISSUE of stem cell research is a hard one for me. My father in law has Parkinson's disease which is a leading contender to benefit from this research. My great grandmother died of Alzheimer's. My grandfather died of cancer. People I love could (have) benefited from the results of stem cell research. In general, as long as the stem cells are coming from a source other than embryos, I am in favor of it. There are stem cells in teeth, cord blood, and so on. All which would not be taking a life for the sake of research.

I think this will be my last post on the election. I'm already praying for our future leaders. I'm now praying for every unborn chil- that their mothers will choose life. May God also protect all children now who will be forced to live in a situation full of dangerous drugs and temptation.

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