Saturday, November 8, 2008

Profit Making Venture!

I'm so excited about my latest ebay sale!!!

I was in Goodwill the other day and was thrilled to stumble upon a brand new! These are great wrap style baby holders that you wear. We've been thinking about a baby #2 coming sometime in the future, and I want a nice sling for the next one. Well hot.slings are a hot item going for like $40 new- for a base model! Yikes! I was so thrilled. It was even brown with polka dots- too cute for worlds.

Well, much to my sadness, I get it home and find out its a size 2- in real world sizes, a small! I was so bummed. I didn't know they had different sizes! I haven't been a size small, since well I don't know when. So, I decided to see what they were going for on ebay!

Well, a week later and my $2.99 investment brought me a $16.75 bid!!! Whohoo!!! I also sold a polo dress I found for .99 cents and sold it for $8. It was a good week in the ebay world!

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