Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why I voted the way that I did...

First let me say that I am proud to be an American. I am thankful for the freedom we all have as citizens to have a say in who runs our country. We are blessed with so many freedoms that we take for granted. I will always pray for our country's leaders- even if I didn't chose them. I know that God is in control and He will use whoever is in power to fulfill His plan for our world.

That being said, I voted for John McCain in yesterday's election. Both candidates seemed like nice people, with wonderful families. My vote yesterday, however, was more of a vote against Barak Obama. I think it is wonderful how far he is has come in his life. He has a beautiful family and his presence and eloquence are unmatched. However, I feel Barak Obama goes against everything I hold dear. Here are the main reasons I did not vote for him:

1) LIFE: One of my core values is to uphold life. I believe Life is a gift from our Creator and no one should say when it is to be given or taken away. Obama is a strong supporter of abortion. I believe life begins at conception, therefore abortion is taking a life. I know life throws us curve balls and horrific detours that no one could expect (rape, incest, etc). However, I believe that God works through all things- even instances that may be dark. I value life. Obama also supported a measure that allowed mothers who had a failed abortion to starve their children to death at birth. If abortion is not bad enough, this truth made me sick to my stomach. I could not vote for a man who does not value life.

2) WEALTH: I never thought this would be a deciding factor for me in an election. I never paid much attention to taxes. I worked. I paid my dues. I lived. However, as my circumstances have changed and my mind matured to other issues in an election, I found myself fighting for this principle. Obama's "redistribution of wealth" is astounding. It is borderline socialism. I heard the most fantastic word picture of what his plan looks like. John walks past a homeless man on a street corner. This man doesn't work, but could. He chose this life. John walks into the restaurant where he is served lunch by staunch Obama supporters. The young waiter, excited for change, could not explain to John Obama's plan for taxes and wealth. John gives him a hard lesson. "Here is the tip you earned for serving me my lunch. But, because I am the government, I feel as though there are others who need it more, so I am going to take your hard earned money and give it to someone else." John leaves the restaurant and gives the tip to the homeless man on the street corner. I know people are struggling. Jobs are being lost. Times are tough. But enabling people who have the ability and opportunity to provide for themselves is not the answer. Besides, I want control over my own earnings. I believe God has a calling for my income. I will 'pay to Caesar what is Caesar's' but I want a say in where it goes. Money is not the answer for everything. In Obama's plan, he is going to use the wealth of Americans to throw at all the problems. Money will not solve education. Money will not solve healthcare. Higher taxes will not help those who have lost their jobs. Higher taxes will not help the small business grow so they can create new jobs. Give these businesses a chance to succeed and create jobs by not taxing them to the point of breaking!

3) Pursuit of Happiness: I didn't really know what to call this section. Obama has charisma that has been seriously lacking in our national government. I was drawn to him as well. The world is drawn to him. Iran, the PLO, extremist groups, and all of our enemies are drawn to it. Yes, well known world terrorists have ENDORSED OBAMA!!! Call me crazy, but I don't want to be in agreement with a terrorist. To have known enemies of the USA proclaim their happiness with Obama chills me to the core. I have recently read John Hagee's book Jerusalem Countdown. It is hard to read without living in fear, but it makes you see current events in a different light. In this book, Hagee talks about how Iran is going to invade Israel and try and destroy it with the help of Russia ("Ezequiel's War" from Ezequiel 38 and 39). Obama has declared his intent to make peace and friends with Iran, a sworn enemy of Israel, one of our allies. I tend to believe that Barak Obama is going to lead our nation into support of sworn enemies. I believe Obama is going to forget our ally Israel. In fulfillment of scripture, Israel will call out to its allies for help and security, and we will not answer. Iran is months away from having the ability to launch four long distance nuclear warheads to hit Jerusalem, New York, London, and Washington DC all within 8 minutes of each other. I believe that the United States needs to help protect the nation of Israel and protect itself from terrorist attacks. I believe that Obama is going to give an open invitation to do just the opposite.

I hope that this does not come to past. I do not trust the moral compass with which Obama will be making decisions, but I can trust that God will work through all circumstances. He will use the leaders in power to fulfill His good and perfect will. We cannot live in fear. We cannot live in this world. We are aliens of this world- our citizenship is in heaven. May God help our country and our leaders as we face the coming days ahead.

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