Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Book Review: Glimmer Girls- A Dolphin Wish

The next book in a series by Natalie Grant- The Glimmer Girls takes the reader to San Diego and an adventure park mystery with the three sisters Mia, Maddie, and Lulu.  My daughter loved the first book which took place in Paris and so she was thrilled with the opportunity to continue the story of the three sisters.  Combining love of sisters (she has three of her own!), mysteries, and animals this was a home run novel for my 9 year old!  Grant has infused tales and experiences I imagine from her own journey as a singer and mother to make for a relatable tale.  I appreciate the aspects of living a life of faith in Christ that are exampled throughout the story.  While the Glimmer sisters don't always get a long, it is in a very realistic and appropriate way and always has a good lesson to learn and how to solve conflicts with people you love.  Grant has developed wonderful characters, fun storylines, and faith filled fun in her Glimmer Series books.  I highly recommend this second book- A Dolphin Wish for your pre-teen and young teen daughters!

*Thanks to booklook blogger for the free copy for my unbiased review!

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