Saturday, March 19, 2016

Book Review: Glimmer Girls London Art Chase

  A for Adorable!  This is the first word that came to mind while reading the new and highly anticipated novel from recording artist Natalie Grant.  The Glimmer Girls series begins with London Art Chase.  Three sisters set off on a mystery adventure during their travels with their recording artist mom and nanny.  In this book the girls are in London and experiencing the Art Museum when a painting is stolen and they decide to take it into their own hands to catch the thief.

I loved that this series has a loving family at the center of it (with its normal dynamics).  I have four daughters of my own, so my oldest girl loved relating to the sisters and their interactions.  She really connected and almost felt like she was a part of the family!

Perhaps the best part about this book is the seamless weaving of history, culture, countries, character traits, and faith into the story.  I love that while my daughter delved into a fun mystery she was getting pieces of London culture and scenery.  We introduced artists like Renior and discussed consequences even when we are acting in righteous anger.  A fun loving adventure is made more impactful with these little lesson woven in.

My 9 year old daughter throughly enjoyed the book.  She loves mysteries and this one was just the right mix of suspense and fun without being scary.  She also liked the periodic pictures in the chapters.

She and I both cannot wait to get our hands on the next one!  Well done Natalie Grant and ZonderKidz!

*I received this book in exchange for my unbiased review.

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