Sunday, April 24, 2011

Book Review: Daddy Dates

I know what you're thinking, how come the 'mom' of the house is reading a book aptly titled towards the 'dad'.  Well, when I chose this book as part of Thomas Nelson's blogger reviewers, I was hoping to glean not only ideas for my husband but to also read how I can adapt some of the writer's concepts and ideas into my own relationship with my daughters.  My husband already dates our two girls (4.5 and 15 months).  He makes it a priority.  This book was a helpful insight into why and how to continue this habit we have started early.  I was encouraged as a parent to continue the sometimes uphill battle of getting to know my daughters.

The author, Greg Wright, while may not have experience in book writing, offers the experience behind raising 4 teenage daughters.  His humor, insight, and honesty was refreshing and challenging.  Wright has an easy reading style of writing and I was able to breeze through the book, but yet take away important tools to apply Daddy Dates to our family.  I was particularly pleased with his interpretation and application of personality style tests taken by his daughters.  We have found certain activities and 'dates' that our 4.5 year old likes, but to take it to the next level and find out why and how we can engage her heart even further will be a tremendous tool in our belt as she gets older.  I loved hearing the highs and the lows of the daddy dating process.  The chapter on his girls turning 13 and making it not only an extra special date but also to take the opportunity for presenting a purity type ring was heartwarming and also made me think of how important the dates are leading up to that point.  I wonder if his daughters would have been less receptive if the prior years of dating daddy hadn't been there.

Two things I would have loved to read in this book (or would like in a sequel of sorts) would have been to hear from the author's wife on her perspective on daddy dates and what she did to encourage or help in them.  Hearing from the girls themselves would be interesting too, especially as then enter into real dating and marriage situations.  What dates meant the most?  What would you have liked to see done differently?  Hearing some of the 'end results' would be a great sequel.

Reading this book open up my heart and mind to pursing my daughters and to encourage and help my husband do the same.  No, its not a deep read or theologically astounding, but the potential life changes it could bring to the princesses in your home are endless!  I don't think I will be able to read enough books to feel prepared to raise teenage girls, but Daddy Dates certainly will be by my bedside as a great tool.  And...will now be on my husband's reading list :)

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Two Little Monkeys said...

sounds like a good book. i'll have to check it out.