Monday, July 13, 2009

Need ideas!

I'm now nearly 15 weeks along and starting to brainstorm the things we will need for this next baby. I forgot how much stuff a kid requires. Luckily, we have a lot from Isabelle, but I know there are going to be holes to fill. Thus- feel free to reply to any products you would suggest to the following:

-I would love to get a 2nd a monitor, preferrably a video monitor. Which one do you have? Do you like it? Is it worth the $$$? I have a plain old monitor with Iz I got from a garage sale, but know I'll need another one for baby.

-Baby carrier. Never had one for Izzy. Would love to have the hands free option with a 3 year old running around now. Which style/brand do you like? I've been looking at slings and wrap styles (moby, hotsling, etc.). If you had a c-section do you know which one would suit best with the healing that has to take place?

-Winter stuff. Izzy was born in mid July in a 90 degree heatwave. She lived in onesies. I lived in old navy tanks and yoga capris. Any suggestions to what we'll need for a winter baby (brrr...January)? I'm thinking along the lines of carseat covers, sleeping sacks, etc. Or suggestions for a winter postpartum me (c-setion remember).

-Bottles, Pumps, and Paci's. Izzy always refused bottles and pacifiers. I had a collection of a few we tried, but since she never really got into them, they never got good use. Any special brands that you love? I'm also interested in a pump. I will be b*feeding most of the time, but would like the option of pumping and bottle feeding. I had borrowed a nice hospital grade electric pump before, but don't think its available/working anymore. Any cheap, but good options out there for the occasional user?

-Any other suggestions for a new baby. You'd think I remembered what it was like just 3 years ago, but alas, I don't! We have stuff, but would be open to suggestions of things tried and true by other babies- because every baby is different!


Sarah said...

Okay Jen, I'm seeing double on my end so any suggestions you have on your blog will help mex2!!

Here's my suggestions:
Hooter Hiders: you can find them at Target but they are really simple to sew too, if you're into that. Just look for a pattern online!
Baby Carrier: My friend let me borrow a Baby Bjorn and I loved it because she had one with great back support! It helps keep your posture so that you aren't sore after a long hike or even walk in the mall!
Car seat covers: Again, find an easy to make "recipe" on line and start sewing. Or ask a mother to do it! My mother in law made one and it hardly cost her anything!
Bottles: I hate Avent bottles because they leak easily and I've heard this from a lot of people. With these next two I'm switching (as I assume I will be doing less b*feeding and a lot more pumping into bottles)
Clothing: Sleep sacks are great but Peter only had them for a little while as he became long fast but he hated being restrained. It was a love hate relationship: he loved the warmth, hated the restriction of them. As for sleeping without the sack I enjoyed the one piece pj's with the zipper (some of them zip down which is nice so they don't get scratched by the zipper at night)
All day clothing was whatever kept him warm. Our house gets a lot of midday sun in the winter so it got quite warm during midday and sometimes I would have him in just a onesie with a blanket nearby!

Have fun shopping!
Are you going to find out what you're having?

Jacob Michael said...

1. We have the Summer Infant video monitor and I love it. It is worth the money to be able to SEE the baby. We don't even turn it on all night (we can hear him if he cries) but every time I wake up, I turn it on so I can see him to make sure he is okay without having to sneak into his room and potentially wake him up. You can also have it on with the volume all the way down, it's got lights that will wake you up if he is crying instead of having to hear static and every little noise they make. Downside -- we can pick up other nurseries as well. I think that is probably true of any baby monitor though.

2. I have heard good things about Moby wraps. I do not have one. We have the plain old backpack type carrier that can go in the front or the back. It works well but hurts my back to carry him in it for long.

3. I DEFINITELY recommend getting the JJCole Bundle Me carseat cover (or a similar one) That thing was a life saver!! Fleece sleep sacks are nice too. And lots and lots of hats and blankets. I can't think of anything else special we did with him -- he was born early Dec.

4. I am a big fan of Playtex. I have Playtex bottles and a Playtex pump. The pump is the playtex Embrace pump. Dual, electric. That's the only way to go! Have you tried drop-in's before? That is what I use. I pump right into the drop ins and they go into the playtex bottle holders. No mess! No extra dishes (besides bottle rings and nipples)

5. Can't think of anything else off the top of my head. I am sure you have most things already anyway. If I think of something else, I will let you know!

Jacob Michael said...

PS - have you considered cloth diapers? If you are interested let me know. I have a coupon code for gdiapers, good through the end of July. They are a hybrid cloth/disposable or can be completely cloth. I LOVE THEM!!!

Debbie said...

The carseat cover was wonderful. Look for one that unzips in the front (the face cover velcroed down, then it unzipped from there) as it makes it easier to get baby in and out. If you get a car seat cover, don't spend a lot on a snow suit (if you get one at all). Jacob used his two or three times for photo ops mainly.
We also loved the Gerber sleep-n-plays. The sizes run small, but they were great for everyday wear with a onesie underneath. We used sleep sacks at night for the warmth and also for the ease in changing him. We had a variety that we found at garage sales.

Beck said...

OK I know I'm like 3 days late but here is my take on stuff :) Oh also if you want I can send you links for this stuff just email/facebook me!
You are not supposed to use any kind of snowsuit w/ kids in any car seats. The layer between baby and straps can potentially hurt them if in an accident. They need to be strapped in with minimal layers. I would say a cover and blankets for the carseat carrier.
Of course you already know I LOVE my Moby and I decided it would be super easy to make one! Just have to get a HUGE piece of lightweight soft cotton fabric and hem the sides! I can give you measurements of mine. I would ask your Dr as far as using it after a c-section. The baby probably won't want to go in anything for 2-3 weeks anyways so you should be fine.
I have a Learning Curve Mipump and I LOVE it. It was pricey but I got a double pump and I know Target sells the single. :) We just use CHEAP $2 for 3 bottles from walmart and she likes um just fine! If I think of anything else you MUST have I'll facebook you! Oh a bumbo chair if you don't have one! :)