Friday, July 17, 2009


Life sure is crazy around here!!! To highlight the major points, I am resorting to a bullet list!

  • We went from $0 account balance to having 3 closings in 3 weeks, with one more scheduled for August- praise the Lord for his provision! Down to the day and dollar!
  • Paul's parents sold their cottage and house in the same week- one at full price! Their new house is almost done!
  • Baby is growing and I'm feeling huge- I should really post a picture- but I might just 'put it off' for a while.
  • Grandpa Morgan (Paul's Mom's dad) has been in and out of the hospital lately. He had a 2 stents put in a few weeks ago (99% blockage and 70% blockage in two places of the same artery!). He mixed up his meds and was taking sleeping pills in the morning plus a dramamine type pill that he takes for another problem at the same time. Now, we have found out he had a major stroke up at the cottage this morning. He is being rushed to GR. Please pray for him. This is so hard on Paul's mom plus she's got two houses to pack up and a move coming up in the next couple of weeks.
  • Izzy has a new irrational fear of any live creature- screaming ensued at the zoo and when she saw a costumed person of curious george.
  • Panera's Asian Sesame Chicken Salad may be my new favorite food!! Oh so sweet and yummy. I want one now!
  • I'm going to my first Tiger's game in August- but I'm more excited about shopping at Birch Run first! (not a huge baseball fan)
  • I'm so anxious for my best friend Emily to have her baby in mid/late August- its a surprise gender too!!!
  • I'm so excited for my ultrasound a month from today!! (And, yes we hope to find out what it is!)
  • Beach days have been too few and far between
  • Visits to Pentwater have been too few and far between
  • I miss being able to garage sale...just not in the budget right now
  • I'm planning Izzy's birthday party- someone turns three next week!!!!

Thats all. Hopefully I'll have something more riveting next time. Thanks to all of you who had such great thoughts and ideas! I'm ebaying/craigslisting for a video monitor at a good price now and will pay more as we get closer to the time. The other stuff will have to wait until a moms2moms sale or something.

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