Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- Dora Bingo

I join the carnival on The Diaper Diaries to exclaim yet another thing that I love. This Thursday, I Love our new Dora Bingo game.

I was given this as a gift for Isabelle over a year ago. It sat in the closet waiting for her birthday, but I forgot. It continued collecting dust over Christmas when I thought yet another new toy was not needed at the moment. Dora Bingo finally made its way into our play area from its perch on the shelf a couple of weeks ago. Boy do I wish I had gotten this thing down earlier!

Things I Love about it:

  • Easy to use- my 2.5 year old can play it by herself

  • Easy to store- all of the bingo chips fit in a compartment that fits under the base of the game- plus they are large enough to not really be huge choking hazards

  • Spanish/English- everything is stated in Spanish and English- and Izzy learns from both

  • Two Ways- do bingo by filling the star side or the animal side

  • Teaches about animals

  • Quick game- with only 6 spaces on the card- one game only lasts a few minutes, so there is a short term commitment to it- and its good for short attention spans

Things I Wish Would Change:

  • It said on the box for ages 3+. I think my daughter would have started loving this game much closer to 2. The animal card side would be great for teaching her different animals. Now, she focuses more on learning to identify her colors on the star side.

  • Small window of learning- There isn't a whole lot of room to grow up with this game, no way to "adjust" the rule of play to grow with it. I wish you could turn the English off to make it only Spanish or something like that to make it more challenging later on.

This game has been so fantastic for us. Isabelle plays it by herself, we play a couple games together or even as a family. I even played with two two year olds and it worked great. Unfortunately, it appears to be hard to track down. Ama*zon is sold out and doesn't know if anymore will be in stock. I found a different dora bingo game when I searched for it. I did manage to find a couple on e*bay. Just be sure to search "Dora Electronic Bingo"

Well, thats what I love this Thursday. To find out more things people love, check out the carnival going on at the Diaper Diaries.


Laura said...

I wonder if they have a Diego one. My son just turned 3 and I think he would enjoy something like this!

Eos Mom said...

Sounds great, too bad it's hard to find, I'll keep an eye out. Thanks!

Taylor said...

Cute. I bet my daughter will like that in a few more months.