Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A lesson in forgiveness and love...

My daughter is superb. She is a great little girl. We rarely have problems with her- discipline wise. She is polite and quiet and well mannered. We can't complain!

However, she does test my patience and try me many times a day.

Yesterday, was no exception. She just simply wasn't going down for her nap. She was fighting it to no end. After an hour, she started crying. I went upstairs yet again to calm her down to find her stripped of all her clothing, including diaper.

And poop.

She pooped the bed! Oh my goodness I was so mad! I quickly cleaned up the mess, put her diaper back on and ordered her to go to bed in a not so loving nor so patient way.

I was fried.

I was frustrated.

Then I heard the sweet little voice over the monitor,

"Jesus woves me dis I know...da bibol tells me so..."

Ah, the little lesson in forgivness and love from my two and a half year old. Certainly Jesus loves her and me, why not love each other- no matter what poop may come!

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anne said...

HA! Those darn kids teach us more than we teach them sometimes. :)