Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh, how she has grown!

I was working on Isabelle's baby book this afternoon. I am terribly behind and hardly record anything. But, I wanted to put in some of her recent artwork and it prompted me to write in it and print off some pictures for it.

Boy how much she has grown and changed. As much as I love where she is at now- singing songs in aisles of Me.ijer (including ones with full motions!), telling me what our schedule should be for the day ("mommy I really hungy, then super-i and clifford next, keep jammies on" all within the first few seconds of being awake) , pretending to "hurry" with her baby because she has somewhere to be (not sure where she ever picked up on, 'come on now, hurry up!'), and all sorts of things- I miss those early months of her cooing, smiling, and sitting still and not talking my ear off. I think she needs a sibiling as another set of ears for her to fill (hmmm..).

Its amazing how God develops a child over such a short period of time. Its going so fast. Hang on!!!

Hours old...................................5 months old.....................1 year old................2.5 years old


Beck said...

Yup she is the cutest thing ever! I think you need a couple more ;) Steve's parents always come back from Mi talking about how sweet and good Izzy is they just love her. She is getting way to big!

God's Girl said...

Your daughter is absolutely precious! May the Lord bless her and keep her safe in His loving arms as she grows to follow Him.