Thursday, September 25, 2008

West Michigan Mom's Sale

A little piece of info to all you moms in blogland (or to the like 4 people who read this thing!). There is going to be a great indoor event for kids clothes, toys, and furniture. West Michigan Mom's Sale is having its first sale on Saturday the 27th from 9-3. Basically a mom will rent out a table to sell of her kids toys and clothes and sell them to all of us bargain shoppers. There is also a room full of big toys and furniture. The great thing about this sale is that each seller is in charge of their own table so you can wheel and deal a good price! Its modeled after the moms2moms sales they have on the east side of the state.

If interested check out:

Its going to be held at the Homeschool building on Burlingame between M-6 and 54th street.

Maybe I'll see you there!


Debbie said...

For anyone located in the central part of the state, there will be a Mom2Mom sale in Alma on October 11. It will be held at the YFC building on Cheesman off of Bus. 127. If you can't get to the west side of the state, come to the center!

Patti said...


Thanks for mentioning this on your blog! I'll admit - I've been reading for a couple months now, but never commmented! :) Now you know....

I can't wait to see you tomorrow - it should be a great sale! :)