Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not just the good ones

I had a great night teaching at church last night (Our church does a Saturday night service instead of a Sunday night). The kids were great- a little wound up, but it has been raining since Friday nonstop. Volunteers showed up. The lesson went wonderfully- we learned about how knowing God's word can help us make the wise decision- telling the devil NO! when he tempts us.

What was so cool last night was a conversation I heard at the exit door from a boy and his father. This boy is not the most well behaved in the room. I'm often having to tell him to focus, show respect, etc. Well, I needed 5 kids on stage to help me and he just looked at me with the most eager eyes. Its like they were saying :"take a chance miss Jen, take a chance on me, please!" So I picked him. And he was so excited to be up there he didn't stop talking! Oh well, you go with the flow! Anyways, after all was said and done and he was on his way home, I overheard this bit of the conversation, 'Dad, I got to be on stage and hold this blue piece of paper with a temptation on it and everyone clapped the loudest for mine and it was so cool!' I don't know the full impact of the lesson on this boy. I don't know if he got the bottom line. I'm not sure where he is at spiritually. But, such a simple thing of asking for his help and asking him to come up on stage made his night! It reminded me not to always pick the perfect little kids who always sit quietly and never make waves. Take a chance on somebody you wouldn't normally, it may just make their day- and who knows where that may lead!

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