Monday, September 15, 2008

6 Things I've Learned: A Motherhood Meme

With inspiration from my friend Sarah, I thought I'd record 6 things (only 6??) that I've learned since becoming a mother a little over 2 years ago. I'm still in my toddler stage of motherhood. I'm past the infancy stage of everything is new and exciting. I'm not quite in the maturity of childhood as a mother. I still throw tantrums when parenting doesn't go my way. I'm off discovering new things all the time, learning new vocabulary,learning my boundries. So, that being said, I'm no expert, but I've learned a lot in my two years as a mom.

6. Baby food carrots stain like no other! Don't put your daughter in a cute outfit alone for even a second with a small container of baby food carrots within reach. Do not underestimate the length of her reach or her speed. Your cute little outfit will never be the same.

5. My daughter will never wear all of the outfits given to her or bought by me. I'm a bargain shopper (garage sales, goodwill, etc.). I tend to overbuy simply because its cheap. Now she has more clothes than one could possibly wear in a season.

4. When you think you can't take it anymore, add some humor to the situation. One time when Izzy was like 8 months old, she just wouldn't stop whining. Nothing would make this child happy. Finally, I emptied her little toy box and stuck her in it. We had a rousing time of baby in the box. She thought it was hilarious and started to calm down. I gained joy from her laughter and we both ended up in better moods. Humor can help take care of a lot of ill feelings.

3. A toy doesn't have to be a toy. Izzy has found more entertainment out of a box I turned into a play house, a tube from wrapping paper we decided could be a horse, and anything with holes she can make bubbles with in the bathtub.

2. Every child is so different. I know I have had only one kid, but just comparing her temperment and personality to other kids we are close to really shed light on how different God creates us all. We don't come out as blank slates- there is a personality behind that 7 pound ball. There is innate temperments and desires that I could never have fostered. My daughter's sweet motherly nature with her baby dolls is not something I fostered or taught- it is a gift given to her from the One who gave her life. Even her lack of sleep the first year of life (Izzy didn't sleep through the night until 13 months) set her apart from others. It will be interesting to see what a second baby will bring (someday!) and what kind of temperments and personality they have.

1. I never knew how much sorrow I could feel for someone else's tears and joy from someone else's laugh. When she cries I want to fix it. When she laughs, I can't help but be put in a better mood. She is contagious. And those eyes could just melt my heart.

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Beck said...

aw how sweet I love this! What a fun Mom you are I want to play in that play house to! :) Can't wait to fill one of these out myself :)