Monday, July 28, 2008


Isabelle had her two year check up this morning. As I had predicted, the doctor is not too excited with my daughter's lack of weight gain. At a whopping 22 pounds, my daughter is hanging on to the growth chart by mere threads. While he is not too worried yet, he wants us to more proactively get her to gain some weight. Our goal? He wants her to gain about 5 pounds in 6 months.

Now, Izzy is a GREAT eater. She eats almost anything you give her, and she eats a lot of it! She will eat more than my niece and nephew, who are both 4, combined! So, he reccommended Pediasure supplement. Fine, great! I want her to gain a little mass as well!

Well, I get home and start figuring out how much this stuff is and where to get it cheapest to find that this stuff costs an arm and a leg. Rougly $2 per little bottle. Obviously buying in bulk is cheapest but not by much, and not knowing if she'll like it, well, I don't want to have cases of this stuff just sitting around.

Does anyone know where to pick this stuff up cheap (good store brands??). Does anyone know if boost or ensure is ok for toddlers?

Or, does anyone have any nice high calorie recipies for smoothies or something? Any help you can be would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Debbie said...

I can definitely commiserate with you! Jacob has been below the 5th percentile for weight since he was three months old. The doctor has been worried about him and asks every time we go if he eats well or has been sick, etc. A nutritionist that my lactation consultant recommended said to add real butter to everything he eats. So cereal and vegetables are now smothered in butter. In the last month he gained almost a pound and a half which almost put him back on the charts! We have almost got the doctor to just accept that Jacob's size is healthy for him, since he is an active developing normally boy! There's nothing wrong with adding weight, but if she is happy and healthy - don't stress about it!