Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Going!!!!

It's finally happenning. It seems surreal. Something I've been wanting to do since 2001 is finally going to be a reality!

What is that you ask?

I get to fly half way around the world to visit Dhaka, Bangladesh. What's there? Only about 400 children. Only about 400 orphans or abandoned children. Only 400 pairs of big brown eyes to see. Only about 400 cutie pies to hug. I'm going to the H.E.L.P Bangladesh Samaratain Children's Home. Back when I first started to date Paul, his family had recently started to get involved with a man named David Halder who was starting to build a Christian Children's Home in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It had started out with 20 street kids or orphans in his own home, and has now grown to about 400 kids. In the middle of this Muslim city where the call to prayer sounds multiple times a day live 400 kids who are being fed and nurtured spiritually, emotionally, and physically with Christ-centered principles. Most children leave with an education, a future, and most importantly a relationship with Jesus Christ. My husband got to go visit this home back in 2001, and I've been itching to go ever since. First it was college that was inhibiting a trip. You can really only travel between Sept. and April, because Late April-Early September is monsoon season. Then, we were planning to go the fall/spring after we were married in 2005, but I became pregnant with Izzy and we decided it was not wise to travel while pregnant. Then, Izzy tied me down for about 12-15 months. But, she is now weaned....I'm not pregnant.....my schedule is free....and so I'm going!!!!

I am so pumped. I'm going to be traveling with my husband which is icing on the cake and with his parents. We are going to witness a marriage ceremony for two young adults who grew up in the children's home. I am going to meet our sponsored kids Robin and Monie!!!! I cry each time I think about meeting Robin- he is such a handsome little boy and growing so tall! I get teary thinking about holding our little girl Monie- she is the littlest girl there. She just had to have her head shaved for lice- poor thing. She is so tiny- she'll be my Izzy fix. We'll get to bless these children with lots of love and attention. I'll be able to help the teachers with some of their lesson plans. I'm going to teach the kids some songs and help them practice their English! Whohooo!!!

Then, to top it off, we're going to detour through China on our way home. No, I don't get to visit the site of the 2008 Olympics (which would be awesome!). No, we're headed to Kunming, China where Steve and Chris Weber minister through Bless China. They have long been family friends and we've supported them for a few years. (come to find out recently that our church supports them as well!).

Tickets have yet to be purchased, but tentative dates are mid to late November departure and being gone about 10 days. I'm so excited for this opportunity!!!!!!!


Debbie said...

Sounds like an awesome opportunity for you! David and I will be praying for you as you work out the details and are in Bangladesh.

Britney said...

Sounds great!

Beck said...

Thanks for the comment and prayers Jen! Looks like exciting things coming up for you guys! How great! I'll be praying for all the trips and things that can go along with it. Make sure you take plenty of pictures and keep us updated! I don't have any ideas for you to put weight on Izzy she looks perfectly healthy to me and I try to stay away from that stuff! Ha. All I know is to feed her lots of bread products :) It works for Steven! Hehehe. Maybe check out Allrecipes.com and see if they have some carbo loaded shakes or something! Have a good weekend!