Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not quite the day I imagined....

Well, today is not panning out quite as I had hoped. Got a call in the middle of the night that Paul's grandpa Morgan fell at the cottage and was being sent to Butterworth downtown with what appears to be a fractured neck. We'll know more later- scary nonetheless. Since Paul's mom has been at the hospital all night, she won't be able to watch my nieces this afternoon, so I'm going to be a mom of three girls under the age of four today. Should be interesting. On top of that, I had already scheduled my carpets to get cleaned we'll be stuck in the basement for awhile I think.

I'm really enjoying my new car. I've only driven it a few times, and it will take some getting used to. I love not having to bend over to put Izzy in her carseat. I love that I can offer to be a carpooler for other passengers too!!! We'll be taking it on our first road trip Monday when we go down to Mishawaka, IN to help my sister set up her first classroom! Should be fun!

Hope your day Glorifies our Lord today!

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Beck said...

So sad when we heard about Grandpa, sounds like he is going better today?? We were praying all yesterday!
Hope you had fun with the kiddos yesterday, sounds like a hand full! Love the new car, how fun!!!