Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cars, Elmowear, Wedding, and Pictures

Well, we sold our Passat! I didn't think we would be able to because there was so much wrong with it- but we put it on craigs.list at about 10 pm Monday and had three emails by 9 am Tuesday, and it was signed off by noon! What a blessing! But, now comes the rush to find me a car! Paul is heading to the auto auction with a dealer friend to hopefully get us a Chrylser Pacifica! Otherwise I may choose a minivan...still not sure what we can get for our penny!

Izzy wants to know if everyone has clean elmowear on. All underwear is pronounced elmowear- very cute indeed! I'm proud to say I have clean elmowear on today! Though, I'll have to do some laundry to be able to say the same thing tomorrow!

I'm heading up to Pentwater tomorrow to help with last minute decorating and plans. Rehearsal dinner is Friday night, hair gets done at 7 am on Saturday, pictures at 9:30 (on the beach, please don't rain!!!) and the ceremony starts at noon. Reception at 1:30/2ish. Clean up, then present opening the next morning after church. Yikes. I can't believe my dad is still going to preach Sunday morning!

Here are some pictures from last week- we had a great time with the Session gang! Bubbles, sand box fun, egg hunt, crafts, and the beach were all a hit! At one point we had 8 kids up there under the age of 10!

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