Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brain Surgery and Potty Training

You wouldn't think the two would go together..but alas they do!

Dad Spica's brain surgery (the first of two surgeries for his parkinson's" was a success yesterday. While we ourselves won't see the success for about 6 weeks- the doctor said that as soon as they put the probes into the left side of his brain, his right and foot immediately relaxed and stopped shaking. These probes were inserted on either side of his brain and then turned off until pacemakers are put in place.

We have been praying very specifically as a family that these surgeries would be so successful that the doctors could only explain it by a supernatural power. We got a huge answer to that yesterday. The doctors have warned mom and dad that the only parkinson's symptom that does NOT go away after this surgery is the slurred speech. Well, wouldn't you know that as they put the probes in yesterday dad's speech immediately cleared up! Doctors were pretty baffled from what I've heard! We are anxious and excited to see these results for ourselves in about 6 weeks. Thank you for your prayers- his next surgery is June 13 to put in the pacemakers and connect them to the probes. They will then be turned on in the doctor's office on July 10th.

So what does Brian Surgery have to do with Potty training? Well, for two reasons I decided to start potty training Izzy yesterday. 1) She has been very curious about the potty and she seems ready and 2) I'm stuck at home until Saturday morning for the most part. First and foremost I have not at all been motivated to this part of child rearing. I don't mind diapers, I like the freedom that diapers bring. Not a big deal! Well, I know it has to be done sometime, and she did seem interested so I thought it might go better. Let's just say I think we had a very successful first day. Izzy went on the potty 3 times! One time was unprompted by me. She only had one accident all day, and it was my fault because I was talking to Paul at the dinner table and didn't hear her say "Pa" aka Potty. I would be so blessed if she continues on this path! Whohoo!!! Maybe I'll have potty trained girl by the wedding (my sister gets married the 28th). We'll see what happens- one step at a time!


Short Stop said...

God is so good! I'll be praying for Dad Spica and for the next surgery.

YAY Izzy. That's awesome, Jen!

Kimberly LaBombard said...

HI Jen,
I found your blog through my friend Nikki's blog. I have enjoyed reading and am looking forward to more reading. I had to comment on this post...I just watched a special on tv about this kind of surgery. It was amazing! I will certainly keep Dad Spica and your family in my prayers.
Blessings - your sister in Christ & Former Michigander,