Saturday, May 30, 2015

Book Review: Princess Joy Sticker and Activity Book

The Princess Parables are well loved in our house (of three girls!).  My daughters are ages 2, 5, and 8 I thought it was a perfect opportunity to receive and review a new product of the Princess Parables- a sticker and activity book.  You can get them specific to any of the princesses.  And at only $3.99 suggested retail its pretty easy to grab a few favorites!

Princess Joy Sticker and Activity Book is a beautifully illustrated and presented activity booklet. There is a basic story celebrating a birthday, but it is mostly fun puzzles and coloring for a child to do.  It worked great that my 5 year old loved the coloring and mazes while the 8 year old enjoyed the letter and number puzzles.  The pages are a thick, glossy paper to make "reusing" the stickers simple.  However, this made it harder to use crayons well for coloring and the markers bleed a bit more if you touch before drying.  There are lots of cute stickers (only a few are used for a specific page) and while they are "reusable" there really doesn't seem to be a good place in the book to use them, so they were used in other projects and therefore the reusable feature isn't important.

Overall, these are fun little activity books perfect for a rainy day or car ride.  They remind me so much of a disney quality but with a Godly heart and example behind it makes them a GREAT find.  It is even better when you combine these activities with the other read along books Princess Parable offers.

*Thanks to the booklook blogger program for a free copy for my unbiased review.

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