Friday, March 13, 2015

Book Review: Bella's Gift

I had the opportunity to read a wonderful book, really a biography of a family who has been an example and inspiration to our nation.  Rick Santorum has served his country in the political arena most notably with a 2012 presidential candidate run.  During this campaign, it was announced that his 7th child Bella was in the hospital and also was a survivor of Trisomy 18, a medically anecdote 'lethal' chromosome illness.  Bella, unexpected to survive birth, much less her first year, even less now 7 years later was the miracle surprise to the Santorum family.  In this book Rick and his wife Karen take turns sharing pieces of their story, from distinct perspectives but a unified commitment to putting God and family first in their lives.

This book is not about living with a child with special needs.  It is not about a family that attempted to run for presidential office.  It is about a family who has learned through various challenges and opportunities that life is precious, God given, and valued.  Every life is one that should be advocated, treasured, and honored.  It is a book filled with honesty, pain, love, joy, and passion.

I appreciated the different perspectives that Rick and Karen provided as they faced trials and celebrated victories through Bella.  It allowed for a deeper understanding of the situation and allowed for a 'realness' that is sometimes whitewashed over in biographical stories.  Their testimony and candor is admired.  It was easy to read, enjoy, cry along as the story of Bella and the Santorum family unfolded.  I loved the storytelling aspect of the layout- it wasn't a timeline, play by play of 'what happened' but an unfolding of a heart story that takes place in pieces over time that allows the reader to put them together to a beautiful puzzle.

I feel honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to read this book and would highly recommend to anyone looking for encouragement, a story of integrity and depth, or for unfiltered passion for one's beliefs.

*Thank you BookLook bloggers for the free copy of the book in exchange for my review.

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