Sunday, September 15, 2013

Book Review: Rebellious Heart

I had the privilege of receiving a copy of Jody Hedlund's latest novel Rebellious Heart from Bethany House publishers.  I have loved the previous novel's of my fellow Michigander author. She is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stagnant pool of Christian fiction.  Her latest novel is no exception.  Rebellious Heart is a wonderful novel with exceptional storytelling.

Set in pre-revolutionary America, a close knit harbor town close to Boston has its feet firmly planted in its traditions, loyalties to the crown, and beliefs.  With stirrings of rebellion towards British taxes and laws, the town is rocked by increased military presence and friendships and potential marriages heading towards the dividing point of freedom vs loyalty.  To make matters worse, a young woman is found brutally murdered.  While a suspect was found guilty, his forward thinking lawyer has set out to prove the man's innocence.  Ben Ross is working his way from being an impoverished son of a farmer to big time lawyer.  His heart is set on justice, mercy, truth, and freedom both in the courthouse and in his political leanings.  When his heart begins to fall for Susana, a girl with history and wealth and established ties, he finds an unexpected gift of her intelligence, love of books, and savvy.

In a twist of events, Ben and Susana are drawn to each other to help another, but finding their own feelings towards each other being ripped away.  With political and status symbols at stake, dowry's to protect, justice to be served, and the innocent to be protected, Ben and Susana have more than 1 dangerous encounter with the redcoats.

While the first 5-7 chapters were a little slow at getting my attention, I was eventually entranced into the world Hedlund created.  I was enamored with her storytelling and found myself surprised at plot twists-  something often lacking in today's Christian fiction.  By the last few chapters, I couldn't put it down and forced my tired eyes open to find out how the story would conclude.  It was an absolute joy to read and in many ways hope to find Hedlund explore more storylines with these characters.

5 out of 5 stars in my book!

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