Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Review: The Lily Series: The Beauty Book

I have two daughters aged 2 and 5.  I also have 4 nieces ages 2-8.  Being a tight-knit family, I'm almost loathing the years where the 6 girls in our family suddenly become tweens and teens.  I remember not enjoying that part of my life.  It was awkward, emotional, oily, confusing, and lonely.  Corresponding with The Lily Series fictional books by Nancy Rue, Rue has come up with a little question and answer beauty book for those tween/teens that may be facing some of those same issues.  The Lily Series:  The Beauty Book.  With a Biblical foundation about what God says about different aspects of beauty, from the clothes we wear, the changes in our bodies, and the latest hair and makeup trends- this book sets out to show girls they aren't alone.  They aren't the first to go through this, and these are issues that parents, kids, and God care about.

This simple paperback has amazing content.  I loved the times of reflection for the girls, the questions brought up, and I thought the answers were very thoughtful.  It does a great job of redescribing beauty and trademarks.  Girls learn to be proud of who God made them.

As much as I loved the content, I was equally disappointed with the way this book looked and felt.  For a tween/young teen girl I see them wanting color, vibrancy, shine.  This book was a basic paperback with cheap newsprint paper.  The writing segments had barely thick enough lines for decent writing to fill in.  With a back cover suggested price of $9.99, I am sorely disappointed.  Even a magazine style format with bright colors, fonts, and graphics would have helped.  It was boring to look at on the inside and I don't see it capturing the heart of a tween/teen to make them want to read more. 

This book is full of great things to say, but needs to understand the audience who will be interacting with it.

I received a copy of this book for free in return for a review of my own honest opinion from Thomas Nelson and Book Sneeze.

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