Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Review: Regreat Free Parenting

As a Thomas Nelson Blogger, I am given books to read and review.  This month I read Regret Free Parenting by Catherin Hickem.  Hickem is the founder of Intentional Moms and is a licensed psychotherapist and is a mom herself.  her insights into not only personal experiences with her children, but also those that she has counseled were the main highlights of the book.
I appreciated Hickem's honesty and integrity as she wove through delicate topics on parenting and child behaviors.  I was encouraged by the angle on how to fix ourselves as mothers and understand ourselves before we can truly be intentional moms to our children.  Children are very complex and it takes great intentionality to raise them in the way they should go. 
This book would work really well in a small group setting.  I feel moms could lean and glean from each other as they read the books and also do the questions at the end of each chapter.  If a mom desires to read this book I would encourage her to do so with great intentionality of evaluating herself and parenting styles and having a person she can talk to through it.  There are many sensitive issues that could arise.  The one thing I wish would have been added was encouragement to moms who suffer from issues like PPD and how that can affect early parenting and connections.
Overall I was encouraged as a mom and felt more confidence with one main idea:  that God created ME to be the mom to these kids.  He didn't choose someone else, he chose me.  I will know them best and teach them best- but I have to be intentional.

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