Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Chicco Caddy Chair

High chairs are a pain. They are necessary, but they are a pain. Especially when you have moved into a home that has shaggy carpeting in the dining area (seriously, who does that?). My old basic graco high chair was just not working on the carpet, it was big, and I was getting annoyed. So I looked for answers. I thought about a space saver high chair...but it was too similar to the booster I already had and just wasn't what I was looking for. And then I found it:

The Chicco Caddy Chair

Its a kickback to the highchairs of old (I totally remember old school versions in the church gym at potlucks!). its in an awesome red color. It attaches to almost any table. It is completely washable in the washing machine. It takes up no extra space in my house. Its awesome! To finish off my 'child eating area' (which someone should invent built in vacuums to baby clothes or something) I put a plastic mat on the floor to catch spills...which then gets dragged immediately out the slider door to feed the birds any leftovers (and apparently a possum is enjoying the tastes too..). On the table I got one of these silicone trays to put on top. It catches any missed bites by the self feeding toddler and makes for a quick and easy clean up. Once or twice a week I quickly (it takes about 3 minutes) dismantle the chair and throw the red seat in the wash with my other dishtowels. It has been amazing. We started putting our daughter in it at 6 months but she was a confident sitter. This would be the only downside to this chair if it is replacing a high chair in that you really cannot put a non sitter in it. It can hold up to 35 pounds, so technically speaking my lightweight of a 4 year old could sit in it :) It has travelled with us to various parties and functions and works great.

Amazon currently has it on sale for just over $30 with free shipping- what a deal! I wish I had originally purchased this instead of the big bulky high chair long ago!
See it works:

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Cindy Bultema said...

Love, love, love the adorable picture!!! So cute!
Blessings to you~
Cindy :)
*She Sparkles*