Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank goodness for part 2

I love hearing what Isabelle is learning in her class at church each Sunday morning.  Two weeks ago, she learned about the parable of the prodigal son.  Or at least that is what I was deciphering.  You see, sometimes story lines get a little jumbled and details mixed around.  We've had a blind Jesus, friends that couldn't play over at his house, and many other interesting versions of scripture!  After this week though, I was concerned.  You see, she told me in full detail the story of the prodigal son, how he wanted to do things 'his way' and how he ended up feeding the pigs and he was so hungry he wanted to eat their food.  In earnest to hear what she got out of the story I asked, "So what did the dad say when the son came back home?"...the response was unexpected, "He didn't come home mom!".  She was adamant.  The son did not come home.  For all she knew he was still stuck in the mud with the pigs.  Paul and I spent all week trying to tell her otherwise, but she was convinced that the son did not come home.

Thank goodness for part 2.  You see, our church sends out a newsletter to parents letting them know what their child will be learning that week.  I had failed to read the first email.  On Thursday...I opened up the email to the title "Prodigal Son, Part 2".  Light bulb!  Poor girl hadn't even gotten to the part where the son comes home!  When we picked her up from class on Sunday we asked her, "so, what did you learn Izzy?".  Her response?  "You were right!"  And she got the rest of the story.

This little incident made me so grateful that there was even a part 2 to this parable.  How sad and heartbreaking it would be if we had a God who did not want us back, who did not celebrate when we return to His loving arms, who did not forgive without hesitation, a God who does not stop looking and waiting for us to come home.  I'm so thankful there is a part 2.  So thankful that I serve a Lord who loves me no matter what, and is always waiting with a full heavenly party to welcome me back to his care when I mess up. 

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